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A journey through history into the depths of authentic Morocco.

Morocco comes from the name of the country’s former capital “Marrakech”, it is a North African country, the only one with access to both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The country faces the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. Inland, above the Atlas Mountains, you will find a vast arid expanse. These landscapes make up the different climates of Morocco.

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Morocco can be divided into 3 climatic regions; a Mediterranean climate in the northwest, a continental climate in the east and a desert climate in the south. The coastal area of Morocco has thrived as a gateway to the European continent, taking advantage of the location which is only 14 km from Spain on the Strait of Gibraltar, although it is on the African continent. There are many prosperous areas that have been the trading post of the African and Middle Eastern caravan. Morocco has both Berber and Arab natives who immigrated with Islam. Most Berbers still live their traditional way of life and the cultures are unique in each region. The historical fact that Morocco was colonized by Rome, and France has made the culture of Morocco very unique mixed with the Berber culture.

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The first inhabitants of Morocco were the Berbers. In the 8th century, the first Arab dynasty settled in Morocco. On 18 November 1956, France signed Morocco’s independence. This marked the end of the protectorate that had begun in 1912.


The flag of Morocco is a flag that has served as the emblem of the Kingdom of Morocco since 1915, three years after the beginning of the French protectorate in Morocco. It is red with a green five-pointed star.

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Moroccan cuisine is very often based on spices (cumin, curry, turmeric etc). Mint tea is the national drink. Couscous is one of the Moroccan culinary specialities, as is tagine. The majority of the inhabitants do not eat pork as they are Muslims. There are also many cakes: Corne de gazelle, Briouat, Baghrer, msemen, Harcha, Faaquas…

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