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Why visit Merzouga?

Why visit Merzouga?

The Merzouga region is also ideal for bivouacking. You can experience a night under the stars in the desert: just let yourself be fascinated by the sky and its ocean of stars. Don’t miss the sublime spectacle of sunrises and sunsets over the desert.

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When to go to Merzouga?

When to go to Merzouga: the best periods

Le climat est agréable pour partir en voyage à Merzouga de Mars à Juin et de Août à Novembre, mais la météo est vraiment idéale en Avril, en Mai, en Septembre et en Octobre.

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How to get to Merzouga Morocco?

Merzouga is not served directly by any plane or train. To get to Merzouga, it is usual to leave from Marrakech and to make a stop in Ouarzazate or Tinghir. It is a 7 hour drive.

Merzouga is also known for its mysterious places, one can visit:

  1. The Ait Sergi Lake, where you can see immigrant birds such as pink flamingos, storks and other bird species.
  2. The village of Khamlia, 8 km from Merzouga, to discover Gnawa music up close.
  3. Le musée de marbre qui contient des meubles fabriqués en marbre à savoir : les tables, les chaises et d’autres objets décoratifs.
  4. Merzouga is famous for its dunes, the highest in Morocco. The village borders the largest erg in Morocco, the erg Chebbi.

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